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A Hat In Time OST is only for stuff with a hat in time OST! I will allow a hat in time games though! Now games are allowed. Just comment about a hat in time pls! I will delete the project if the first comment is not about a hat in time. A Hat in Time is a cute-as-heck 3D platformer featuring a little girl who stitches hats for wicked powers. A LITTLE GIRL AND HER SPACESHIP. Free Download A HAT IN TIME ULTIMATE EDITION Single Iso – In A Hat in Time you play as a tiny space-travelling girl with a big tophat. Her adventure is halted when all her fuel, the Time Pieces, is lost. Listen to A Hat in Time (Original Game Soundtrack) on Spotify. Pascal Michael Stiefel Album 2017 78 songs.

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In an effort to find original music, stingers, and soundbeds – I looked all over the internet for “free music”, released under Creative Commons. There are lots of resources (some are listed below), but in most cases the licensing isn’t quite clear.

So… over the last couple of days I created some simple, original tracks in GarageBand. I will be using a few for my podcast, but I thought I would share the rest.

These are released under Creative Commons Zero – so, download them, mix them, use them as you see fit!

Tom’s Drops


Out Of The Fog


In Suspense




Splash & Memory




Other sources for free podsafe music:

  • https://machinimasound.com/ – be mindful of licensing


And if you want to learn more about podcasting – we are hosting a conference this June in Calgary! Check it out.


Comment by .̴̢̠͍̘̻̤͍̤͚̩̺̖̞̿̂̍̎̆.̴̣̼̯͙͚̜̹̖͉̪̗̤̖͎͉͛̔̈́͊̈̃̀̆͘

@user-850465043-148480542: cool

Comment by unused stuff boi

this was shown in the beta (without the music)

Comment by Katykirbylover

Why does this reminds me of Star for Undertale

Comment by Ella

@jaiden-martinez-786445302 HAT KID THROWIN SHADE

Comment by FloofBoi

very beautiful

Comment by FloofBoi

@user-207905184. vanessa is still in the game though. but I wish Moonjumper was still in the game :(

Comment by FloofBoi

@peregrine-mendicant Me too :(

Comment by FloofBoi

A Hat In Time Free Pc

I want to do a cover for this.

Comment by FloofBoi

@alexnag-nataniel7111 moonjumper is my favorite character.

Comment by .̴̢̠͍̘̻̤͍̤͚̩̺̖̞̿̂̍̎̆.̴̣̼̯͙͚̜̹̖͉̪̗̤̖͎͉͛̔̈́͊̈̃̀̆͘

Hidden folks download free. oh and also the vannessa

Comment by .̴̢̠͍̘̻̤͍̤͚̩̺̖̞̿̂̍̎̆.̴̣̼̯͙͚̜̹̖͉̪̗̤̖͎͉͛̔̈́͊̈̃̀̆͘

Moon jumper, Hat adult, The biggest secret of an a hat in time.

Comment by NoctP

@decthetrainwreck: EXACTLY

Comment by Decthetrainwreck

@4-55 I know right? What is it about dark backstories that make a character so compelling?

Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

Anyone, Anyone at ALL? I want feedback

Comment by E G G

i miss moon moon to

Comment by NoctP

@decthetrainwreck well that’s kinda dark.. i love it.

Comment by TheMan13532

this is actually really nice, wish it was in the game still :(

Comment by []Hat Kid[]

@alexnag-nataniel7111 u bitch ur bad

Comment by Decthetrainwreck

@4-55 yeah, you can, but he could have split into two beings, one resembling his happy, prince self and the other his deep regrets and negative feelings that he died with

Comment by []Hat Kid[]

@alexnag-nataniel7111 ur a little bitch who likes to spam

A Hat In Time - Soundtrack Download Free

Comment by []Hat Kid[]

@alexnag-nataniel7111 shut the fuck up

Comment by Excessive Chaos

I love this

Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

Also Moonjumpers backstory would be differnt of course

Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

So, do those ideas sound fun?

Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

Sorry AGAIN, Moonjumper is the only cut thing I really care about

A Hat In Time - Soundtrack Download Free Online

Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

Oh yeah the dessert idea was because that was what alpline skyline was supposed to be but it was switched to a mountion idea, I forget the reson idea so if they bring back Moonjumper there isn’t any reson why they couldn’t bring that back even though

A Hat In Time Game Download

Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

Sorry again, (forgot the name) and the papa’s ---ziria series with you having to make back the money you owe. So? Does it sound fun and like it fits in A hat in time and any suggestions anybody would like to add?


Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

Again sorry, matter and due to grooves suppoters sugesting opening a club to widen his popularty has Hat kid work for the club to make back the money she owes and so he himself doesn’t have to pay and it functions like a mix of chapter 6 act 2

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Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

A Hat In Time - Soundtrack Download Free Download

Sorry comment ran out of room, the tab part is that Dj groves comes and tells him it seems like the studio isn’t letting the tab he teared up go and now has a set thing that’s higer by a large amount in order to let the final amount you owed not

Comment by Kristen Kauffman Grogan

A Hat In Time - Soundtrack download free. full

A dessert dlc or my idea? Also I came up with a deal part to my dlc idea the final thing is Keep the Tab with the keep part having a local king roping hat kid defending his kingdom from the evil wisird moonjumper in exchange for time pieces while

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