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Battlevoid: Harbinger is a hard sci-fi space exploration game blending roguelike, turn-based, star map strategy, and real-time space battles. You are a young commander venturing out into enemy territories, to unknown galaxies, never knowing what you will face as you jump out from hyperspace.

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For the action lovers, here is something to quench your soul if you have been looking for some real action in your life! Battelevoid Sector Siege is truly a marvel when it comes to the world of actions. You can download the Battlevoid Sector Siege APK game for free from our website.

  • Battlevoid: Harbinger is a hard sci-fi space exploration game blending roguelike, turn-based, star map strategy, and real-time space battles. You are a young commander venturing out into enemy territories, to unknown galaxies, never knowing what you will face as you jump out from hyperspace.
  • Battlevoid: First Contact is a free real-time (RTS) space strategy game with roguelike game play features. Set in a universe, where 3 other species and an unknown threat are nearby, you are in command of the best defense humans have left.

The game is a superb combination of strategic plans and action play. There cannot be an ounce of doubt about the fun it brings to the players who have played the game. The game is built to give a realistic touch of life on a battlefield and is known for its utterly surprising actions that can hit the player at any second.

About Battlevoid Sector Siege Android

Battelevoid Sector Siege Android is an action-based strategy game that allows the player to take command of the human forces and save them from enemies that are to attack in troupes in multiple times. The fun part is that every unit that is built can be customized by the player depending on the situational requirement or simply when the player wishes to! Also, you should try Teamfight Tactics.

The game is all about adopting tactics to survive in the battlefield with enemies attacking from everywhere in troupes. The player can complain of boredom in this particular gaming series because the action never stops here!

Game Features

  • Amazingly realistic graphic content.
  • Superb action play that takes the player into a world full of strategies and tactics.
  • Thrilling plots to encounter unlimited action play.
  • Unending cross platforms for the gameplay
  • Numerous surprise elements that keep the adrenaline rush going
  • Superb possibilities of customizing the fun units of the game.
  • The seamless element of actions going with enemies attacking from everywhere to everywhere.
  • The amazing sound effects that add the touch of reality on the battlefield.
  • The super cool options to board enemy ships and to make copies of them gives a heroic feel altogether.

The Major Difference Between Battelevoid Sector Siege and Battlevoid Harbinger

  • The latter provides the seamless cross platforms to play and to pause and to load it whenever you want your action play to continue.
  • Here a maximum of 10 ships and 8 stations are at the player’s disposal for him to command over.
  • Here 2v2 got added and the player can play with an alien character – Al ally.
  • The fun feature of marines and boardings got added.
  • There is a scope to capture the enemies and to make clones of them.
  • The selection of crew is a brand new feature that got added here.

About the app

  • The version of the app: 43
  • Last updated on 24th of January, 2018
  • Downloads to date: 10,000+
  • Size of the app: 63.47 MB
  • The free game offered by
  • Release date: 24th of October, 2017

Battlevoid Sector Siege APK is an amazing action series with seamless strategic plans and tactics in the world of gaming. The players have not only enjoyed playing but have given amazing reviews about the game with a generous amount of ratings.

You can also download the game from Google Play (Paid Version).

How to download and install Battlevoid Sector Siege APK on Android for Free

Battlevoid: Sector Siege Download Pc

Just follow these simple steps to install the game on your Android device:

  1. Click the download button below
  2. Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  3. Install Battlevoid Sector Siege APK file on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Game

Check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

Enter Into The World Of Action By Playing Battlevoid Sector Siege.

Have A Good Time Playing Battelevoid Sector Siege on Android!


Download Battlevoid: Sector Siege Mod APK on MaxModAPK.
Download Battlevoid: Sector Siege Mod APK on 100ModAPK.

The game has been modified to unconditionally use the currency counter plus! Research anti-increase the amount of upgrade points!

Battlevoid: Sector Siege is an epic straight into action real-time space strategy game, in which you take command of human forces with the task of defending them against multiple enemy factions. The world of Battlevoid: Sector Siege has been built to deliver a lively battle field; where the action is never more than just seconds away at the start of every game. Strategy, tactics, and resource management are the core of Battlevoid: Sector Siege. Every single unit you build can be greatly customized; and packed with a variety of random elements, the game will offer you a fresh experience every playthrough. The game features an artificial intelligence capable of surprising you and giving you a real challenge. Battlevoid: Sector Siege will captivate you in minutes and offer you depth, content, and strategy for a long time.Key Features:[*] Seamless cross-platform game play[*] Explore new procedurally generated sector maps every playthrough [*] Superb customization of each unit you build[*] Board enemy ships; and build copies of them[*] Randomly generated events[*] Superb pixel graphics and effectsKey differences to Battlevoid: Harbinger:[*] Seamless cross-platform game play, save and load at any time and continue on another device.[*] Max 10 ships and 8 stations to command.[*] Skirmish game mode with 2v2 added, you can play with an alien AI ally.[*] Alien races warp in and fight each other in sectors.[*] Marines and boarding added. All units can be captured and cloned.[*] Researching added, up to 12 research trees to unlock.[*] Crew selection added, choose your own crew composition.[*] A new race, the Guardians arrive.[*] Area of effect and Fog of War added.The game has been translated to many languages by professionals and supports the following languages:EnglishGermanRussianSpanishItalianFrenchPortugeseSimplified Chinese

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Battlevoid Sector Siege Free Download

File Namecom.mod.battlevoid-sector-siege-v1-33-mod
App Download Version:1.33
Apk Size70.99 MB
Last Update TimeSep 13, 2018
MinAndroid 2.3 and up
Offers In-App PurchaseYes
0 total


Download Battlevoid Sector Siege Mod Apk


Battlevoid: Sector Siege Download Free


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Battlevoid: Sector Siege Download Torrent

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