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Pillars of eternity ii: dead fire - beast of winter download free download. The following is a list of characters in the DLC Blissful Sleep. Most characters are also tenants. You can also check the list of every character in the core gameBeholder.

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Beholder: a blissful sleep dlc part 4 both endings walkthrough no commentary gameplay playthrough - duration: 9:29. Gamingisfun 8,162 views. All Discussions. I'm aware (please correct me if I'm wrong), there are only 4 possible endings to this task and only 2 ways to avoid the blissful sleep. Beholder: Blissful Sleep (DLC) STEAM digital. Delivers instanly online in your account or by E-Mail.Welcome back to the grim dystopian future of Beholder, where ordinary people struggle to survive while subjected to the directives of an iron-fisted Government! The time has come to tell the stories of:The one who has fallen a victim to a horrifying mistake, and is now desperately seeking. The Beholder was released in November, 2016 for PC and the DLC 'Blissful Sleep' was released April, 2017. The Beholder Complete Edition was released for PS4 in January, 2018 with both of them included in one bundle. These are the questions that I kept asking myself while playing Beholder's DLC, Blissful Sleep. The new content is a separate story from the base game that focuses on Hector. Hector is the previous apartment manager whom you see being hauled away in the beginning of the main Beholder game.

Beholder blissful sleep walkthrough

List of characters[editedit source]

Bruno Hempf (DLC)Boss
Christopher DansonTenant
George de LatourTenant
Gertrude DansonTenant
Hector MedinaMain character
Jacob Manishek (DLC)Tenant
Jeanne Oehrn (DLC)Tenant
Johanne BesslerTenant
Khan Van MegerenTenant
Klaus Schimmer (DLC)Tenant
Lionel KramerTenant
Louisa ManishekTenant
Marcus ManishekTenant
Maria Schimmer (DLC)Tenant
Mark Ranek (DLC)Tenant
Murray GibbsTenant
Nathan Kehler (DLC)Trader
OrderMain character's cat
Public servantSpecial
Public servant - BugsSpecial
Rosa Ranek (DLC)Tenant
Zlata SchimmerTenant

Beholder Blissful Sleep Ios

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