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Cockroach Simulator.rar 247 MB. Also available on. Log in with to leave a comment. WildFlowerGamer 110 days ago. How do I contact you? I would like to see about getting permission to use your game in a webisode I am making. Two of the characters will be playing a game and I would like to use your game in an. Download Cockroach Simulator free for android. Download Cockroach Simulator v1.2. Download from Google Play. Older versions: to show. Request an update.

  • Cockroach Simulator 2 1.0 Apk Download App com.wildanimalslife.cockroachsimulator2 by Wild Animals Life Cockroach Simulator 2 for android Simulation & size 38.65 MB.
  • Download the full package from here. Change the method sendData of TrojanCockroach.cpp- place your email and password in the command. Compile TrojanCockroach.cpp & Infect.cpp.

The game is a simulator of the life of a cockroach.

It was ported from personal computers and consoles, so it features a full and diverse gameplay.


Players are given the opportunity to choose the side: to play directly for a cockroach or a person who is trying to exterminate nasty insects.

In the story, you will play for one of the parties that have been at war for centuries.

Each of the parties will prepare its own tricks: cockroaches - to crap, people - to establish poisons and traps.

Each side has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can enjoy the unique gameplay, no matter which side you take.

Playing as cockroaches, we will eat crumbs from the food of people, and also carefully monitors that we are not destroyed.

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Our advantages are small sizes that are not always visible to a person from the height of his gaze.

Playing for people, we will closely monitor the appearance of cockroaches and timely use appropriate means of dealing with them.

Moreover, both traditional weapons against cockroaches (slippers and poisons) are presented, as well as unusual ones - liquid nitrogen or even .. Flow:the sliding download windows. a shotgun.



  • Unique gameplay - there are simply no analogues.
  • High-quality graphics with nice textures - the game has been ported to mobile devices from consoles and laptop computers.
  • Offline and online modes - play on your own or together (or against) other real users around the world.
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Cockroach Simulator Play Online

Cockroach Simulator - this is probably the most hilarious online game for Android devices. Here you have to play as a cockroach and all the forces to hide from a person, while you need to lay eggs in different places in the room. Each room is designed for a maximum of 6 players (5 cockroaches and a person). Yes, a real player will also play for the person who will hunt you. Its task is to destroy ten cockroaches with various improvised items. You can start the game in fast mode, where you will have a random choice of who to play for, or you can definitely choose whether you will be a cockroach or a human. In General, the gameplay itself is very hilarious and play it definitely worth it.

Cockroach Simulator For Pc

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