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  • Dead Effect 2 was released with an initial discount of 20%, you can get it on Steam. Major update for Dead Effect 2 coming soon December 8, 2015. As a pre-Christmas treat, the developers of Dead Effect 2 will serve their fans a big portion of new content and items in a.
  • Dead Effect 2 is now playable online and OFFLINE as well! Download the game and do not miss your chance to get a massive update at the beginning of 2018!
  • The description of Dead Effect 2. The nightmare isn’t over. Plunge into the darkness aboard ESS Meridian again! Looking to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to a different level, Dead Effect 2 may be a console-quality action sci-fi shooter with RPG elements.

Feel free to activate the auto-firing option if it's getting really bad. It may waste your ammo and rob you of control, but it will put a lot less strain on your thumbs. Conclusion: Deadly Effective. The controls for Dead Effect 2 need some fine-tuning, but if you can get past that issue, you'll find a.

Dead Effect Pc Game

  • The nightmare isn’t over. Plunge into the darkness aboard ESS Meridian again!
  • Looking to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to a different level, Dead Effect 2 may be a console-quality action sci-fi shooter with RPG elements.
  • Challenge yourself in of its enticing storyline, with plenty of upgradable weapons, gear and high-tech body implants.



  • breathtaking graphics using the newest Android & NVIDIA technology
  • realistic effects and stunning environments
  • narrated by professional voice actors
  • atmospheric soundtrack and movie-quality sound effects


  • 3 personas = 3 different personalities
  • character training and development
  • unique system of 100+ upgradable body implants and kit sets
  • 40+ upgradable weapons


  • 20+ hours of campaign gameplay and 10+ hours of special missions
  • elaborate system of achievements
  • full controller support
  • fully customizable on-screen controls


  • Portable, TV and tablet
  • X1 exclusive features: HDR, Depth of Field, top quality textures, bloom effects ???

Dead Effect 2 Update

  • Within the last patch, Dead Effect 2 is arriving with login screen fix + fixed sidetask requirements for explosive shotgun and nova gun.

Introduction Game

Dead Effect APK for Android is a real FPS first person shooter. Beautiful graphics and diverse game modes, vivid reproduction. The battles between the super gunmen and the crowded zombies.

Dead Effect takes the player into a fantasy world where the universe enters the year 2045. You play as Gray – a member of the high-level security team Unit 13. You will be tasked with finding out why. My team suddenly turned into a zombie. At the same time seeking to destroy Wagner – the leader of plotting to spread the virus that destroys the world.

Role-playing 1 of 2 male or female mercenaries equipped to the teeth, Dead Effect players will become an elite member of Unit 13. Fight at the command of their superiors in shooter style. Sci-fi FPS gun to complete the mission.

Dead Effect has 2 modes, Survival mode requires gamers to survive for a certain amount of time. And kill as many zombies as possible. The dramatic Biohazard mode will put you on the challenge of shooting down an army of extremely fast and crowded zombies. To track your progress, scores and achievements, please visit Game Center for updates.

Dead Effect 2 Pc Game Free Download

Dead Effect for Android destroys zombies that always cause fever in the mobile market because of the drama, high rhythm and horror elements interwoven in each battle screen. With Dead Effect, players will live in bloody battles with zombies, bosses and other sci-fi missions.

Dead Effect APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • The interface is intuitive and friendly, the controls are mainly based on touch gestures.
  • Single Player campaign mode lasts 5 hours full of zombies.
  • Search for new weapons and currencies to upgrade your character.
  • Discover the mystery of the ESS Meridian ship, experience space with elaborate scenes in both content and graphics.
  • Use special abilities to extend time and defeat the most aggressive enemies.
  • Experience the Survival Mode in the Arena arena, unlock all achievements and conquer Dead Effect’s ultimate arsenal.

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Reviews Of Game

Zap Sceptor: Very interesting. I find it too easy to upgrade weapons instead of getting new ones. So the other weapons look cool though. But I don’t mind the time to get them. If they were cheaper, it would make the weapon easier. And more engaging to allow for a more diverse experience. In addition, the tablets are not worth receiving. But if you have $ or information. They will be sought by more players. But beyond that, it’s really fun and worth installing.

Damyon Hardy: Great game, great graphics, but very scary. I almost fainted from the corpse and it was very interesting. But there’s no sword in the game, but it’s still fun. Please improve the game and add swords as it can be played offline. So more people can enjoy it. Love it so why did you give you 5 stars. So you can add swords to the game.

Dark Play: Ok, the final update is 2018 but is the game still worth playing? The answer is a big story YES A good story or a Game. Well played both the AI ​​can be played offline and for free. Defect? Well, lots of money and gold that’s all you need to know. My phone is bad but I still love my phone. So let’s have fun game.

James Barnes: It’s good. But when I was at level 1. I didn’t know what was going on and level 2 and 3. I was so scared because I felt so lonely. And this creepy music when I got to Armory. My heart is racing and too expensive to do upgrades. And make it less expensive.

MeowX Squared: It’s a good game. But for those who read this game. Check out death effect 2 and the game is more different. And better but I appreciate the efforts of the excellent voice actors in this game. I don’t have to max out my gun to finish the game but it’s really good.

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  • Dead Effect (Unlimited Money)v1.2.2
  • Dead Effect (Original)v1.2.2

Dead Effect 2 Pc

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