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Deconstructor C++

40 t
Power Consumption
.825/.01 kW
Unlock Level

The Deconstructor can be crafted at the Advanced Constructor. It can only be placed on a base.
It automatically pulls items from the Input and breaks them down into building components similar to what was required to craft the deconstructed item.

- WARNING: The resulting components of deconstructing an item is close to what was needed to build the original item. But there are times the deconstruction of an item will not give the proper components. (Example: Deconstructing a Heavy Window resulted in 12x Steel Plate, 15x Glass Plate, 4x Santhium Ingot instead of 10x Steel Plate, 15x Glass Plate, 8x Hardened Steel Plate).
- When deconstructing the queue looks like a crafting queue. If you cancel any of the deconstruction/crafting you lose the resources.
- Some items cannot be deconstructed. (examples: Growing Plots)- The Deconstructor can be crafted or found as loot in POI's
Power use as of Alpha 9.4
In Use: 825 PU
Idle: 10 PU

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Destructors are called when an object gets destroyed. It’s the polar opposite of the constructor, which gets called on creation. Survival zombies the inverted evolution gameplay.

Classic arkanoid in the world of multicolored toy bricks. A fun game where you have to destroy obstacles with a ball. The Deconstructor is a glaive type melee weapon and therefore accepts thrown melee weapon exclusive mods like Power Throw and Whirlwind. This is the only weapon where the projectiles have a different base damage of Impact, Slash, then Puncture in sequence. The Deconstructor.

These methods are only called on creation and destruction of the object. They are not called manually but completely automatic.

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python destructor

A destructor can do the opposite of a constructor, but that isn’t necessarily true. It can do something different. A destructor is a function called when an object is deleted or destroyed.

An object is destroyed by calling:

Before the object is destroyed, you can do some final tasks. Imagine driving a Tesla and in the code the engine object gets destroyed. No, first you’d want to shutdown the engine, make sure the wheels are not spinning etc.

Take into mind that destroying an object with del is optional, you can create objects and never delete them. They are then only deleted when the program closes. However, this can eat up a lot of memory in large programs.

A destructor has this format:

It is always part of a class, even if not defined. (If not defined, Python assumes an empty destructor).


Deconstructor Build

The class below has a constructor (init) and destructor (del). We create an instance from the class and delete it right after.

An example of using destructor is shown in the code below:

If you run the above program, you can see this output in the terminal:

Empyrion How To Use Deconstructor

The output is displayed, even though we didn’t call any methods. That’s because a constructor and destructor are called automatically.

Deconstructor Qt

If you are a Python beginner, then I highly recommend this book.

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