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  1. Edna Mode is a supporting character in Disney/Pixar's 2004 animated film, The Incredibles and its 2018 sequel. She is a fashion designer for Supers and a close friend of the Parr family. 1 Background 1.1 Development 1.2 Personality 1.3 Abilities 2 Appearances 2.1 The Incredibles 2.2 Incredibles 2 2.3 Auntie Edna 2.4 Other appearances 3 Printed media 4 Gallery 5 Trivia 6 References 7 External.
  2. Edna is initially symbolized by the caged green-and-yellow parrot of the opening scene, the parrot that insists, in French, that everyone 'go away, for God's sake.' Like the parrot, Edna begins to desire solitude, pushing away her husband and former friends to achieve time alone in which she can work on her art or engage in self-reflection.

Harvey’s New Eyes is a creation of Daedalic Entertainment in Germany and was released in August 2011. Daedalic Entertainment is famous for releasing award-winning games such as The Whispered World and Deponia. Harvey’s New Eyes has also won numerous awards abroad. The game is a two-dimensional cartoon world where the player controls the main character called Lilli. It is based on the plot of a strict convent boarding school where the administration expects the utmost of good behaviours from the students.

The game is quite different from its predecessor Edna and Harvey: The Breakout that was somehow considered slow and sluggish on the translation. It is also different to other adventure games of its likeness because there are no dialogues you can click on to get information. What you do is click on a character then a dialogue bar appears with symbols demonstrating the theme. There is also no list of actions such as walk, jump, pick up or talk among other functions. Therefore, the player has to rely on intuition where applicable and items are automatically added to the list when you click on them.

The Game Plot

Lilli is a shy and reserved character living at the convent where Mother Superior makes her life miserable. However, Lilli survives by keeping to herself and not talking to anyone while letting her imagination help her to escape from Mother Superior’s strict rules. Her best friend Edna is more vocal and troublesome which causes her to disappear mysteriously. A situation that Lilli cannot be silent about. She has to rise above her demeanour and face a tough adventure to get Edna as well as confront her subconscious fears.

Demon hunter 4: riddles of light download full. Her stance angers Mother Superior who calls on doctor Marcel to come and handle her disobedience. The doctor uses queer methods like, hypnosis, therapy and a shocking device that would stop Lilli from misbehaving. Lilli is put in that situation but finds a new friend called Gerret who works undercover and is willing to help her.

A shy girl that is very smart and pretty.She can be a shiksha,but who knows because names don't describe a person.When you get to know her she will start opening up and talk more to you.She's honest with most of the things you say,but if you get on her nerves she'll ignore you and pretend you are not there.If she's crushing you probably can't tell because she hides the feelings very well.Tends.

Harvey’s New Eyes Gameplay

They both end up in Marcel's institution where they had gone to save Edna. Gerret is also captured while Lilli runs into Ignatz who helps her with a knife. In the end, Lilli has three choices: She can stab Marcel, she can confirm that she is ill to require Dr Marcel’s therapy or she could object what people compel her to do and just leave.

Harvey’s New Eyes for a new gamer can either turn out as too complex or exciting. You need to be highly attentive to your environment so that you can interact with the numerous objects around you. As you play along, you get to appreciate the clear cartoon graphics propagated on the game. The soundtracks on the game are somehow addictive and could get you in the mood by just humming the tune while away from the game. However, I assure you that the dark sense of humour and the puzzle-solving attribute is what will keep you coming back for the game.

Pros and Cons


  • Great point and click game
  • Good quality for a 2D game
  • Dark sense of humour


  • Single-player game
Overall rating: 8

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Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes Download Free Version

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