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Developed By: Stuck In Attic
Published By: Stuck In Attic
Category: Point and Click Adventure
Release Date: 10.28.20
Composers: Cami Cuibus

A 54 page-long dive into the art of Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure, and how its world came to be. Features an in-depth look at the origins of the plot, the character, world building and lore of Gibbous.

I have a definite soft spot for the point and click adventure games of eras past. That’s something I have in common with Stuck In Attic, the developers of today’s game, Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure. In the early goings of the game, there are numerous Easter eggs pointing to a fondness for Monkey Island and even a sort-of cameo from Tim Schafer himself. At the beginning of the adventure, I was a little afraid that the game’s numerous references may have ended up overpowering and detracting from Gibbous’ own narrative. Luckily, aside from one area occupied by the Voodoo Gentleman very early on, Gibbous treads its own path from then on, despite heavily leaning on Lovecraftian lore.

A Librarian, A Shoeless Gumshoe, and A Talking Cat Walk Into A Bar…

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure tells the tale of three unlikely characters caught up in the machinations of various cults. The game opens with private investigator Don R. Ketype hot on the trail of the Necronomicon, an ancient, magical book. While speaking with a librarian at the local occult library, Ketype gets knocked out and kidnapped when cultists set off a bomb in the library. Buzz Kerwan, the librarian, discovers the Necronomicon hidden in his library and, in a panicked state, brings it home with him. Not exactly thinking straight, Buzz accidentally uses the Necronomicon to give his kitty, Kitteh, the ability to speak, a condition Kitteh finds unwelcome and which Buzz is unable to reverse. The pair set off the find Ketype, get some answers regarding just what the heck the Necronomicon is, and turn Kitteh back into a normal cat.

After some investigative shenanigans, the reunited trio find themselves embroiled in a globe-spanning Cthulhu cultist plot orchestrated by the mysterious Butcher. Along the way they meet dozens of uniquely deranged allies and adversaries, visit a few quirky and creepy locales, and solve puzzles through ingenuity, random guessing, and chucking rotten eggs at this one guy. Throughout its journey, the game maintains a wonderful sense of humor that is equal parts slapstick and self-aware, which, coupled with a sharply-written script keeps the adventure feeling lively and fresh the whole way through. Sadly, the game doesn’t exactly stick the landing at the end.

While the cult storyline comes to a satisfying conclusion, Gibbous then chooses to include a few bits of confusing imagery at the very end. They don’t even come close to ruining the rest of the experience, they just served to muddy the waters of the game’s conclusion just enough to create the sense that the story is not resolved. Perhaps these few scenes are merely setting up a sequel, which would be fine, but there are ways to do that which don’t make this game end up feeling a little incomplete. I’m not sure if things would make more sense if I was more familiar with Lovecraftian lore, but I never really felt like that knowledge was necessary during the bulk of the game.

Find All The Stuff

Being inspired by point and click adventures of the past, Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure doesn’t exactly blaze new trails in terms of gameplay in the adventure genre. That’s not a complaint; there’s no reason to fix what isn’t broken. Sometimes you control Don, and sometimes you control Buzz. They can both look at objects, pick up certain items, manipulate some mechanisms, and talk to NPCs; all fairly standard for the genre. Buzz is most frequently teamed up with Kitteh, whom he can send to climb certain surfaces and retrieve/manipulate objects there. Don eventually gains the Mark of the Haunter, which allows him to read the past of objects, which helps him find clues he otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Gibbous a cthulhu adventure walkthrough

I didn’t find myself having too much trouble with a lot of the game’s puzzles. Some took longer than others just because they were more complex, but I seldom found myself actually stuck – except twice. For one it turned out I had just missed a required item – not uncommon, as veterans of the genre know all too well. The other, which required me to light candles around a pentagram accompanied by selected words from a set of books on a nearby shelf, was almost embarrassingly obvious in retrospect. That’s not to say I got every puzzle immediately, just that they all could be worked out if you applied some logic and explored every area thoroughly.

An Animated Aesthetic

In addition to its assortment of Easter eggs, Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure’s visuals are also heavily influenced by Schafer’s body of work. The art style of the backgrounds are reminiscent of Day of the Tentacle and the Monkey Island series, and the hand-drawn character models shared a similar style to Full Throttle and The Curse of Monkey Island. Don’t misunderstand me, the areas and characters had their own unique motifs and designs, but the art styles were very similar, and there are worse styles to emulate. The audio track is equally impressive; Gibbous is fully voice-acted, which is something you don’t see very often in indie releases. The extensive voice cast deliver performances which range from pretty good to really great, which helps the snappiness of the game’s script really come to life.

Gibbous: A Solid Cthulhu Adventure, Stellar Point and Click Tribute

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure never lets the fun stop until the very end. The gameplay maybe isn’t all that original, but it uses a tried and true format that doesn’t detract from a wild, amusing, adventure replete with memorable characters, intriguing locales, and a compelling central mystery. It looks great, sounds great, and plays smoothly. If you have any affection at all for the heyday of Tim Schafer’s LucasArts adventure games, this is a must-play. If you don’t you’re a bad person, but you still won’t regret giving this game a try.

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure
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Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure
Developer(s)Stuck In Attic
Publisher(s)Stuck In Attic
Director(s)Liviu Boar
Producer(s)Liviu Boar
Designer(s)Liviu Boar
Programmer(s)Nicu Câmpian
Artist(s)Cami Cuibus
Writer(s)Liviu Boar
Composer(s)Cami Cuibus
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
ReleaseAugust 7, 2019
Genre(s)Point-and-click adventure game

Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Romanian developer Stuck In Attic for Windows, macOS and Linux. It was released on August 7, 2019 on Steam and GOG.


The player takes control of one out of three protagonists in each of the seven chapters. In order to advance, the player has to pick up items and talk to other characters to solve puzzles. When playing as Buzz Kerwan, the player can use his cat Kitteh to solve certain puzzles or ask her for advice which works as an in-game hint system. When playing as Don R. Ketype, the player can find hints in his diary. Some key scenes in the game are presented as animated cutscenes that can be watched again from the main menu. The player can also highlight all hotspots in each scene or zoom by pressing a button.


Detective Don R. Ketype is hired to find and bring back the Necronomicon that is supposed to be located in the Miskatonic Library in Darkham. However, things don't go according to plan. Don gets kidnapped by a strange cult and the librarian, Buzz Kerwan, stumbles upon the evil tome himself. After he accidentally makes his cat Kitteh talk by speaking a spell from the book, he sets out to reverse the effect. In the course of the game, the three protagonists work together and travel to different places to solve the mysteries involving the Necronomicon and the different cults.



  • Buzz Kerwan (voiced by Liviu Boar)
He is a librarian working at the Miskatonic Library in Darkham. He is kind of goofy and an average guy who stumbles upon the Necronomicon, and gets dragged into a cosmic plot.

Gibbous Game

  • Don R. Ketype (voiced by Don Thacker)
He is a detective who has been hired to find the Necronomicon. When he meets Buzz, he gets dragged into a world of cults and cosmic plots.
  • Kitteh (voiced by Lindsay Peck)
She is Buzz's cat and now talks after he spoke a spell from the Necronomicon. She is very cynical and sarcastic, but helps Buzz nonetheless when he needs it.

Side characters[edit]

  • The Butcher (voiced by Doug Cockle)
He is the antagonist of the game who is planning something evil in the town of Fishmouth.
  • Barnabas Busara (voiced by Josef Gagnier)
He is a mysterious man looking for Bob Olmstein.
  • Peace Busara (voiced by Anairis Quinones)
She is Barnabas's daughter.
  • Bob Olmstein
A mysterious being who might appear different to each person or who might not be recognized at all.


The game was developed by a small team consisting of three members from Târgu Mureș, Transylvania, Romania. In 2016, the game was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. The goal of 39.270 CHF was exceeded and a total sum of 53.862 CHF from nearly 2,000 backers was achieved.[1] The game draws inspiration from the Cthulhu Mythos by American writer H. P. Lovecraft and was also inspired by 90s LucasArts games, while the art direction was inspired by Disney movies and Studio Ghibli works.[2] It was translated into 12 languages that were available at launch, and features more than 70 English-speaking voice actors including Doug Cockle and Amber Lee Connors.

It was released on August 7, 2019 on Steam and GOG.


Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Artbook

The Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Original Soundtrack was created by Liviu Boar and Cami Cuibus. The soundtrack was recorded with live instruments, contains 27 tracks with 2 hours and 9 minutes of original music, and is available in MP3 and FLAC formats. A copy of the OST is included with the deluxe version of the game.

1.'Gibbous Main Theme'3:49
2.'Darker Deeds'5:19
3.'Miskatonic Library'5:45
4.'Lemon's Secret'7:11
5.'Streets of Darkham'6:59
6.'The Ketype Shuffle'2:39
7.'Voodoo Business'2:47
8.'Detention Dirge'7:40
9.'Starry Knowledge'2:44
10.'The Fishmouth Waltz, part 1'3:00
11.'The Harbor'5:23
12.'The Fishmouth Waltz, part 2'4:43
13.'Do the Dagon'5:06
15.'The Inn'4:22
19.'Lugubrious Lament'6:24
20.'Gumshoe Gumption'4:49
21.'The Festival'2:07
22.'The Puppet Master'4:25
23.'Don After Dark'5:28
25.'The Butcher's Theme'6:21
26.'Gibbous Main Theme Reprise (Time to Rock 'n Roll)'2:13
27.'Rap Battle feat. Vlad Dobrescu (Bonus Track)'3:36


On Metacritic, a review aggregator, the PC version has a critics score of 74/100 based on 14 reviews, which the site categorizes as 'generally favorable reviews'.[3]

Teodor Nechita from Softpedia gave 4 out of 5 stars and compared the atmosphere of the game to Tim Burton. In the review it said, 'All in all, Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure is a game that no self-proclaimed point-and -click fan should overlook, as it will definitely find a place in your gaming library, comedy movie collection, and finally, your heart.'[4]

Cities: skylines download free. Joe Keeley from Adventure Gamers gave 3 out of 5 stars, praising the art design and animation, the sense of humor, the voice acting from two of the three main characters, and the puzzles, but critzising the convoluted story, the at times unnatural dialogue, the grating voice acting from the third main character and some side characters, and the unsatisfactory ending. He said, 'Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure looks amazing and will make you laugh, but its inability to tell a coherent story prevents this comedy cosmic horror adventure from fulfilling its abundant potential.'[5]


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