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Lisa: The Painful is an indie role-playing game developed by Dingaling Productions (now known as LoveBrad Games). The game was designed and programmed by Austin Jorgensen using RPG Maker VX Ace and released for PC, Mac and Linux in December 2014.

The games is a successor to Lisa: The First, a freeware game made by Jorgensen in 2012. Lisa: The Painful was funded thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that started in November 2013: in the Kickstarter’s public feed of the game we can take a look on different phases of game development, Lisa beta versions and how the game changed over time.

Lisa Kickstarter Trailer

LISA The painful RPG Free Download. LISA Download NOW for PC, is a quirky side-scrolling RPG set. Part 1: A continuation of the summary of the Main Story of Lisa the Painful. It jumps right in without an intro, so if you're a. Lisa: The Painful RPG (stylized as LISA the painful RPG) is a post-apocalyptic role-playing video game developed and published by American indie studio Dingaling Productions. The game was written, designed, and composed by Austin Jorgensen, and was released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux on 15 December 2014.

This trailer is our first glimpse of the game, and we can already notice some interesting “beta” elements. The trailer is basically cycling through two different animations, one showing Brad (the protagonist of LISA: The Painful) and his party, and the other one showing him ambushed by Buzzo and Columbo (two of the main antagonists), with text cards hinting at tough choices players will face through the game.

In this image we can clearly recognize some of the characters: Brad is the bald guy, Olan Hoyt is the one with a hat and the wrestler’s one is Rage Ironhead. The last one playing the guitar is a deleted character called Hawk, an early version of Rando.

Lisa The Painful Brad

Lisa Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage


This video was uploaded on Austin Jorgensen’s Youtube account and it represents a pre-alpha stage of the final game. Still, many of the locations that made into the final game are clearly recognizable, albeit with some differences (Devil’s Bathhouse, Snow Mountain, Bob’s Dojo). The bike and motorbike are already present and tested a this point in development.

A look on the pre-alpha battle screen: two of Brad’s initial friends, Cheeks Gaywood and Richard Weeks (along with Sticky Angoneli), were once playable (there is also another shot of the cut character Hawk). Other cut features are a team attack (shown in the picture) and a sneaking mechanic, possibly used to ambush enemies.


Lisa The Painful Fanart

Lisa Kickstarter Demo

On November 20th 2013, Jorgensen uploaded a demo of LISA on Gamefront, the original file has since been deleted, but a backup version is available in here. This demo features various locations, characters and enemies (like the Men’s Hair Club, then called the Magnificent Manes Men’s Club), alongside different graphics for in-game dialogues and text.

During Lisa development many different characters were either dropped or their role in the story changed: our friends at The Cutting Room Floor have a nice page about them.

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Lisa The Painful Free

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Lisa the Painful is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game (RPG) that was invented by Dingaling Production now LoveBrad Games based in the United States. Understanding and enjoying the game is vital to Lisa’s background story. She is an adopted kid who is abused and gets lost after she runs away from her troubles. The foster Father, Brad Armstrong tries to look for his buddy (Lisa) through an apocalyptic wasteland facing several challenges, people and queer monsters.

The game precedes its prequal called Lisa The First that was released in 2012 as freeware. The previous version had poor controls though still hilarious. The 2014 Lisa is two-dimensional and the graphics are pixelated which I don’t understand because it brings out some sense fun during a time when gamers have grown accustomed to high definition realistic graphics in games. Maybe, it's just the comic setup of the game that makes you forget about the 2D pixelated form.

Lisa the Painful Gameplay

Before I even begin to talk about the game, I must warn you that despite the comic theme and it being a RPG, the game is quite silly. Just the title “Lisa the Painful” suggests that there is some quirkiness to the game. Loading the game introduces you to a world full of survival tactics, sacrifice, and the occasional pervert which is something unusual to say.

Throughout the game, you are forced to make choices that will impact on your character. As you traverse the wasteland and meet the queers, you are forced to save your friends on several occasions by making sacrifices. Sacrifices may involve chopping off your limbs. That's right, chop off your limbs to keep your party members alive or taking a beating or doing something inhuman for them to escape death.

The game takes away the heredity of societal norms that we have gotten used to and comically introduce us to an apocalyptic world that knows no order. While you play the game, you are treated to numerous features such as the occasional character sacrifices visual by the scratches, limb and eye removal. You are given a chance for recruiting a maximum of 30 party members in camps and towns who could help you achieve certain tasks which can be fun. For instance, the white-knuckle shopping cart races. Quite inhuman is expending party members you had earned through a Russian roulette for a huge profit gain.

I must say the game is filled with unique aspects of entertainment and would be a game that I would consider playing every day just to be happy. The different scenes in the game will help you remain hooked to the game and not feel bored. If your spirits are down, then the game is a better solution to boost your mood.

However, I must warn you that the game is full of mature content and wouldn’t be advisable for the younger age.

Pros and Cons


Lisa The Painful Rando

  • The game is full of entertainment
  • The game is comic, therefore, has a lot of fun
  • The game is not really about the mission of connecting with a buddy but all about fun

Lisa The Painful Party Members


  • Its pixelated form may not appeal to a contingent of players.

LISA: The Painful - Image Results

Overall rating: 7.5
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