Master Of Orion: Revenge Of Antares Race Pack

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The Master of Orion: Revenge at Antares Race Pack includes all 3 new playable races:The Elerian Fiefdoms Born of the myriad islands of Draconis, the Elerians are a feudal civilization with a rigid caste system and immutable gender roles. At the top of their social order sits the Grand Marshal of the Fiefdoms, a warrior of great renown who binds. What is similar to Master of Orion: Revenge of Antares Race Pack?-50%. The tags customers have most frequently applied to Master of Orion: Revenge of Antares Race Pack have also been applied to these products: Upcoming Releases.


New alien races, new leaders and independent civilizations expand the galaxy of Orion

December 2, 2016 —Master of Orion’s stellar “Revenge of Antares” update has arrived and the galaxy will never be the same. This update gives players access to an iconic, non-playable race and even more content. Ready for purchase is the “Revenge of Antares Race Pack” DLC, bringing three well known and playable races to the already formidable galaxy.

Included in the “Revenge of Antares” update is a non-playable race, the militarized and despotic Antarans. A hat in time - soundtrack. This tyrannical race also brings a new victory condition. Additionally, in the “Revenge of Antares” update, players gain the ability to recruit galactic leaders and encounter independent civilizations as they deepen their experience in Master of Orion.

Alongside this free update comes the “Revenge of Antares Race Pack”, available for purchase. This DLC introduces a trio of familiar and playable alien races: the Trilarians, the Gnolam, and the Elerians—daunting aliens that will bring new dimensions to the battle for Orion. The Elerians, a fierce race of galactic isolationists, make uncompromising foes. The Gnolam are a wealth-driven society, which translates to them being an economically beneficial ally or a financial danger. Finally, the Trilarians are an aquatic race who, despite their commitment to peace, will fight valiantly against any threat.

Otaku's adventure download. Master of Orion’ “Revenge of Antares” game update is available today, free of charge.

The “Revenge of Antares Race Pack” is purchasable today for AU$11.49 via Steam and

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RevengeMaster Of Orion: Revenge Of Antares Race Pack

Master Of Orion Revenge Of Antares Race Pack

Master Of Orion: Revenge Of Antares Race Packing

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