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Neo Cab
Developer(s)Chance Agency
Publisher(s)Fellow Traveller
Platform(s)Switch, PC, Ios
ReleaseOctober 3, 2019
Genre(s)Visual novel, survival
  • Neo Cab is that game you’ve seen about being an Uber or Lyft style gig-economy driver, set in a dystopian sci-fi future. It has been described as “neon-drenched” because that is the only way we have thought of to describe “thing that is cyberpunk” so far.
  • From the Neo Cab app, you’ll choose your passengers and navigate the city grid. Each character you meet has their own story to tell and secrets to share, if you can figure out what they want to hear. You need to listen carefully and pick the right response so that you'll get a good star rating to stay on the road.
  • Neo Cab has players take the mantle of Lina Romero, a woman who just moved to the nearly fully automated city of Los Ojos at the request of her best friend Savy. Lina is a driver for the titular Neo Cab, one of the few taxi services that still employs human drivers.

Neo Cab Play as Lina, the last human driver-for hire searching for her missing friend in the neon streets of Los Ojos. World end economica episode.02. In this interactive story, you’ll meet unique passengers during your nightly shifts, each with their own clues and secrets, if you can get them to share.

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Neo Cab is a video game. It was developed by Chance Agency and published by Fellow Traveller. In it, players role play as Lina, a driver for Neo Cab, a vehicle for hire service. After her friend Savy mysteriously disappears, Lina investigates the disappearance while picking up passengers.


Neo Cab Review


The game opens with Lina moving from her hometown, Cactus Flats, to the technological metropolis Los Ojos. She has plans to live with Savy, an old friend she hasn't spoken to in years after they had a large argument. Lina briefly meets up with Savy, who says that she's having trouble at work, and will meet up with her later. She also gives her a FeelGrid, a smartwatch-like device that displays a color corresponding to the emotions that the wearer is feeling. After Lina picks up passengers for a few hours, Savy texts her that she needs to be picked up right away, then disappears.[1]

Simmering in the background is a movement to have all drivers replaced by driverless cars owned by a corporation called Capra. Lina had previously been fired by Capra after they replaced their rideshare with driverless cars. Many of the conversations she has with passengers are about a proposed law to outlaw driving after a famous ballet dancer was killed after being hit by a car. [2]


GameInformer calls Neo Cab a 'visual novel mixed with survival aspects'.[3] The game is driven by the choices that the player makes when talking to passengers. Those choices and the flow of the conversation then change Lina's mood, which is displayed on the Feelgrid. The way Lina is feeling changes which dialogue options are available, and whether she is willing to pick up another passenger. Players also have to manage the car's fuel level and how much money Lina has.

Critical reception[edit]

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Destructoid and PC Gamer both pointed out that the game discusses quite a few topics during its short playthrough.[1][2]Rock, Paper, Shotgun and GameInformer both found the ending underwhelming.[4][3] However, most of the above critics seemed to enjoy the game overall, especially the passengers and conversations with them. Rock, Paper, Shotgun in particular wished that there was a 'free play mode' where one could continue picking up passengers without worrying about the main story.


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Neo Cab Review

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