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A helicopter crash left a group of explorers stranded near an Arctic research station. The survivors will have to resist the nightmares of dead frost and hunger. As they try to escape the dangers of the long dark polar night and find the way to the shelter of the abandoned station, all they are doing is sinking deeper into a nightmare scenario. About This Game Inspired by John Carpenter's 'The Thing'. A helicopter crash left a group of explorers stranded near an Arctic base. As they try to find a way back, all they are doing is sinking deeper into a nightmare scenario. Reports and other information for Distrust: Polar Survival. Find out how well this game works with Proton and Steam Play. DISTRUST is an isometric survival adventure with procedural generation on an Arctic research station lost in the endless dark of a polar night. A story-rich fiction with multiple endings that suits both singleplayer fans and co-op enthusiasts. Distrust: polar survival.

Biodiversity patch
AuthorNicholas Webb
Bilious PatchDB91

NetHack is a popular single player dungeon exploration game that runs on a wide variety of computer systems. Nethack's basis on D&D, including its many polearms (Gary Gygax loved them) - The difficulty in removing features from games and the reactionary nature of communities - Sokoban, grr!!.yawn. Nethack discussed as 'the roguelike', both inside and outside the genre, such as in the That Was History's History of Rogue - The.

The biodiversity patch is a very large patch that adds several new monsters and contains other changes by Nicholas Webb. The current version is 1.2a for NetHack 3.4.3. For more information, visit the biodiversity patch's home page.

The biodiversity patch also incorporates three patches from other authors, including the HeckĀ² patch, the photography patch and a coin-flipping patch.

T. J. Brumfield is working on a port of this patch to SLASH'EM; see the slashem-devel archive for October 2007.

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New monsters

The biodiversity patch slightly expands several monster classes that have very few members, or only a single member, in vanilla.

sphinxfEgyptian/Greek mythologyChallenges the player with riddles
waterspout gargoylegHas a spit attack that can wet items
brownielCeltic folkloreCan improve shoes, or tamper with the ones the player is wearing
pookalCeltic folkloreCharms monsters (including your pets)
satyrnGreek mythologySteals items and charms monsters (including your pets)
labyrinth trappertHides in mazes
gold bugxEdgar Allan Poe (loosely)Steals (and eats) gold pieces and other golden items
will o' wispyWidespread folkloreAppears in swamps; its explosion attack causes confusion
bannikzSlavic folkloreAttacks with scalding water
leshyzSlavic folkloreConfusing gaze
bandersnatchJLewis CarrollDigesting attack
jubjub birdJLewis CarrollIntelligence draining gaze
clockwork automatonQSix melee attacks
quarkQParticle physicsUses one of six random 'flavor' attacks
disintegratorRThis threadPassive disintegration attack
hunger hulkUPun on umber hulkMakes its victims hungry
umbral hulkUPun on umber hulkBlinds victims with its gaze
nosferatuVUncertain originParalyzes its victims with fear
blemmyeXMedieval folkloreLegendary humanoid with its face on its torso, and no head
otyughXDungeons & DragonsEnjoys rotten food
poltergeistFolkloreThrows projectiles
alligator snapping turtle

Nethack Windows

Changes to existing monsters

  • The steam vortex's engulfing attack is now coded as scalding rather than fire damage.
  • Gnomes (and bats) use echolocation instead of infravision.
  • Quantum mechanics (and clockwork automata) may be named after historical figures.
  • Rope golems drop leashes when destroyed.
  • Straw golems drop sheaves of hay when destroyed. They may also drop a damagedfedora. (Clothing for a scarecrow?)
  • Iron golems drop cogwheels and large shields when destroyed, in addition to iron chains. Clockwork automata drop cogwheels and sprockets. These belong to the _item class (renamed 'useless item') and can be used as improvised weapons.
  • Guides, the Touristquest guardians, now offer services to players.

New names:

  • The color and name of the Knight questnemesis have been changed. Ixoth is now the white-colored Hwitwyrm, an allusion to Welsh folklore. The dragon's attacks and attributes remain the same.
  • The Chromatic Dragon is renamed Tiamat.
  • All regular dragons except the gray dragon have new names. (These are not randomized, as in UnNetHack.)
    • Silver dragon: Amphitere
    • Red dragon: Firedrake
    • White dragon: Lindworm
    • Orange dragon: Lung dragon
    • Black dragon: Sirrush
    • Blue dragon: Leviathan
    • Green dragon: Wyvern
    • Yellow dragon: Guivre
  • The large kobold and kobold lord are renamed kobold hewer and kobold chieftain. The hewer can tunnel if it has a pick.
  • The water nymph and wood nymph are renamed naiad and dryad.

New appearances:

  • Tigers are now colored orange (f) instead of yellow (f), to distinguish them from the sphinx.

Other changes


  • Many quest home levels are now considered to be 'outdoors', with 'sky' overhead instead of a 'ceiling'. On these levels dart traps will be created instead of falling rock traps.
  • The Priest quest branch may have a different home level design, depending on which pantheon the player was assigned at the beginning of the game.
  • Trees which produce specific fruit have been added. There are also oak trees which produce acorns, and elven dogwoods (used to make elven wooden weapons).


  • A golden wand has been added to the list of randomized appearances for wands, as an item that the gold bug can eat.
  • Using a wand of light to #engrave produces glowing writing.
  • Amber may contain fossilized xans or spiders, which can be revived with stone to flesh.


Nethack Legacy Download

  • Samurai know the corpses of sea monsters by their corresponding Japanese culinary names.
  • Orcs can saddle and ridewargs, instead of horses.


UnNetHack and some other variants incorporate part of this patch, most notably the disintegrator, a much more dangerous cousin of the rust monster and the disenchanter. Some of the new names for generic dragons are also used in UnNetHack, but their breath types and resistances are randomized at the beginning of the game.

dNetHack includes clockwork automata, both as a monster and as a playable race.

Versions of most of the monsters appear in Slash'EM Extended.

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