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Night in the Woods Game Guide. Trivia General hints Demon Tower Controls. Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4. Download This Guide. But while Night in the Woods is a game that fearlessly tackles big, heavy subjects like mental health, responsibility, and relationships, it’s also really, really funny. Night in the Woods is an adventure platformer developed by Infinite Fall and published by Finji. The player controls Mae, a recent college dropout, who has returned to her hometown, the sleepy mining town of Possum Springs.There, she struggles with the changes to her home and her former friends - Bea, Gregg, Angus, and Germ. As Mae struggles with finding her own identity and coping with the.

Night in the Woods is an artistic and compelling narrative-driven adventure game, developed by indie studio Infinite Fall. Like many other games, you control a memorable cartoonish character on a side-scrolling adventure. However, Night in the Woods distinguishes itself from other 2D adventure games by telling a poignant and personal narrative, and by producing a unique charm and memorable characters. In Night in the Woods, your main objective isn't defeating enemies or reaching the end of the level. As a young 20 year-old returning to their childhood home, your overall goal is to work through your mental health issues and investigate the mysteries happening around town. It's a surprisingly effective story, resulting in tangible bonds with the game's various characters. As you explore the city that Night in the Woods presents you, you'll begin to see just how layered the story is.

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The story in Night in the Woods focuses on Mae, a college dropout who returns to the town of Possum Springs. Her, along with the rest of the citizens of Possum Springs, are human-like animals. Mae and her family are cats, but the rest of the town ranges from reptiles to birds. Living at her parent's house, Mae spends the days exploring the town, reuniting with old friends, and pondering life's big questions. The game is split up across several days, and each day you'll choose who and what you interact with. Mae has a few friends left in Possum Springs, and it's up to you which friend Mae will spend the most time with. There's Bea, the cold and apathetic crocodile, Gregg, the fast-talking fox, and his boyfriend, Angus. Each character has their own distinct personality, providing Mae with a mishmash of optimistic perspectives and realistic pessimism. In many ways, Night in the Woods is all about the bonds you'll form with Mae and her friends, and which of those bonds you choose to focus on.

Between hanging out with your friends and going on various adventures, you can freely explore the various shops and locations in Possum Springs. Besides Mae's main friends, there's a slew of other characters to meet and areas to explore. You can spend time discussing Mae's future with her parents, make a spiritual check-in at the local church, or do a bit of humanitarian work with the homeless population. Possum Springs very accurately resembles the lifestyle of the middle class; hard at work at their individual jobs and lives, but coming together as a community for various events and holidays. As the Halloween season approaches Possum Springs, the citizens gear up for their annual fall festival. However, something truly terrifying awaits in the shadows, biding its time.

Night in the Woods excels as both a mystery story, an emotional adventure, and a stark look at the middle class. It's an interesting experience told with wildly imaginative characters and art. The overall writing is exemplary, whether it's an intimate moment with Mae's close friends or a drunken night of fun, Night in the Woods always feels honest in its storytelling. Although the gameplay can be a bit underwhelming at times, Night in the Woods makes up for it with a gripping narrative with compelling relationships. It's wholly unique, and for anyone who grew up in suburbia, it holds a distinctly nostalgic feel. The branching nature of the story and friendships provide plenty of replayablity, making this an indie game that is not only effective, but worth repeat playthroughs.

Overall rating: 8.5

College dropout Mae Borowski returns home to the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs seeking to resume her aimless former life and reconnect with the friends she left behind. But things aren’t the same. Home seems different now and her friends have grown and changed. Slender: the arrival download free full. Leaves are falling and the wind is growing colder. Strange things are happening as the light fades.


And there’s something in the woods.


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