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Download Rage Wars - Meme Shooter and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎Rage Wars® is available for FREEE!!! Enjoy the game: Amazing adventure of how Derp fights for Kidnapped Herpina. The size of this Turok – Rage Wars Emulator/ROM is just 273.3KB only and around 2280 people already downloaded and played it. If you like this Turok – Rage Wars, we request you to. Download Rage Wars - Meme Shooter and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎Rage Wars® is available for FREEE!!! Enjoy the game: Amazing adventure of how Derp fights for Kidnapped Herpina.

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  1. Turok rage wars. For what it is, turok rage wars is a blast. It's got no true single player mode but it was designed to be a multiplayer game from the ground up. The graphics were decent for its time however the levels themselves are a tad too dim. This can be corrected by changing brightness however. Moreover the levels are not well designed, at least some of them seem that way.
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This mod adds 8 new maps resembling turok rage wars levels and a new model for the tekcrossbow that you can enjoy playing raptor fest gamemode in. There is 3 maps finished, excluded from the mod but are back on there way soon, and even more, later on to come.

-add rage wars weapons
-add the rest of the levels
-resize levels and walkable spaces
-find out how how to get a custom weapon to fire a custom particle
-create and add particles
-add and place pickups for rage wars weapons, powerups, pickups, ect.

note: all 3d assets have been extracted, converted, and added, we just need to rig it all up

developers- Badger, Snake Plissken

if your able to help please contact me

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Three issues ago, Quartermann got the exclusive scoop on Acclaim's next game in the mega-popular Turok franchise, Turok: Rage Wars (formerly Turok: Bloodlust). Here are the first screens of it in action.


As Qmann previously reported, Rage Wars (due out this November) will concentrate on the multiplayer side of things. The game will have 17 playable characters, 36 deathmatch maps and loads of new items and weapons. Some of the things you'll find include magnets (which are used to change the trajectory of gunfire) and war hammers with grenades on the ends of them (which explode on contact..almost as deadly as attack dogs that shoot bees out of their mouths when they bark).

The game will also have a bunch of modes including Capture the Flag, team play and an improved Frag Tag, where the monkey is no longer helpless (it can get a power-up that will allow it to grow into a monster).

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Rage Wars will have an awards system as well, where you get medals for wins, head shots, kills, etc. You'll be able to unlock secrets (like new character models (i.e., 'skins') by earning enough medals.

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This all sounds fine and dandy, but if you remember Turok 2, the four-player game left a lot to be desired. 'Turok: Rage Wars will be much faster and smoother than the Turok 2 deathmatch game,' David Dienstbier, creative director at Acclaim Studios-Austin (formerly Iguana), tells us. 'We will be caching entire levels in RAM, making everything run much better than they did in Turok 2.' Let's hope so.

Rage Wars Download Free Download

And if four-player deathmatch isn't your thing, Rage Wars will have a single-player game (arena-type combat with CPU-controlled bots) and a two-player co-op mode.

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