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  1. Rusty Lake Game

The Rusty Lake Hotel is a hot hangout and it’s always full of guests. This week’s line up is a bit unusual, though… Five guests just arrived at the hotel and you should make sure they spend a great time here! First, there is Mr. Deer, a chemist who studied the water of the lake. He is followed by Mr. Boar, the ambassador who has arrived to get rid of addictions and anxiety. The comes Miss Pheasant, a theater actress who was about to play in the play. How about meeting Mr. Rabbit, a magician preparing a magic show? And finally, you’ll be introduced Mrs. Dove, an electrical engineer who developed equipment for extracting cubed memories from the brain.

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So what’s your role in this intriguing event? You’ll act as a new employee of the hotel – the butler, a parrot named Harvey (pretty surprising as it is, eh?). But this bright-feathered fellow actually has a dark side to his wings. Every night, Harvey must go to the room of one of the guests in order to ultimately kill him. At dawn, Harvey gives the meat to the cook, Mr. Toad, so he can cook dinner. At the last, fifth, dinner, the concierge Mr. Raven invites Harvey to the owner of Rusty Lake, Mr. Owl. He thanks the butler for the guest’s memories collected in black cubes and suggests looking at the white cube, noting that memories are the key not only from the past, but also from the future. Quite a weird and murky story to follow, right? And this is just a brief outline of what you’re going to experience! There are a lot more shady secrets to find out here and you’ll definitely be fascinated to do it. Start playing Rusty Lake Hotel right now and enjoy the thrill!

Rusty lake game
  1. Rusty Lake offers the most mysterious Room Escape, Adventure and Point & Click games you'll ever play. Download Cube Escape games for free!
  2. Rusty Lake is a prominent location in the Cube Escape series. It is a vast lake with multiple eerie buildings and strange characters frequenting it. Prominent features of Rusty Lake include a Cabin on an island, a stone Bridge across the connected river, and a Chapel, a Cave and a Mill along its shores.

Rusty Lake Game

By Rusty Lake Cube Escape is one of the most mysterious room escape game you will ever play. Try to unfold the story and mysteries behind the cubes and complete this escape quest.

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