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A short, simple, but epic song I made. Rytmik Ultimate STANDALONE WiN Team Codex July 08 2018 279 MB Including all the Expansion Packs. Rytmik Ultimate is a powerful music station allowing you not only to play with samples and musical instruments but also to mix them together, shape them and create music clips or whole songs for your Friday night set-list. The upcoming Voice & Acoustic Expansion DLC for Rytmik Ultimate is focusing on recorded sounds such as acoustic instruments and voices. Do you want to participate and hear your samples in Rytmik Ultimate? We offer you a unique opportunity to add your sample(s) to this upcoming DLC. Record an acoustic instrument or a voice or any other interesting/unique sound.

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*** Flash Sale! 50% off for a limited time! ***
Rytmik Ultimate Complete is a powerful music station (Groovebox) allowing you not only to play with samples and musical instruments but also to mix them together, shape them and create music clips or whole songs for your Friday night set-list.
Key Features
- More than 1 230 musical instruments
- Robot and Female voices - over 400 words each.
- A drawable waveform synth module
- Advanced effects like the ADSR Envelope, Digital Delay, Noise Shaper, Sample Offset and Loop Definition and more
- Almost every effect parameter can be modulated via the step sequencer
- Drag&drop powerful interface
- Share your songs via Rytmik Cloud and continue on Mac/PC
- More than 6 000 Songs already shared via Rytmik Cloud
- Export your music in the WAV format or export to AudioShare
- Rytmik Ultimate is a powerful pocket music station.
This version includes instruments/samples from Rock Expansion and Voice & Acoustics Expansion.
Thanks to new features, Rytmik Ultimate Complete takes music creation to a whole new level. Rytmik allows you to share your songs with other users through the Rytmik Cloud and can also serve as a music player for songs uploaded on Rytmik Cloud with it. On top of that, users can exchange their songs and cooperate on their composing.
Once your work is complete, you can save it in WAV format to local storage or export to AudioShare.
And that’s not all! Every instrument is now a wavetable synthesizer. With the advanced effect module, you have more power to shape sounds with the ADSR envelope, vibrato, portamento, noise shaper, or digital delay. In addition to that, the drawable waveform synth module allows users to draw and modify their own wave and use it as a sample oscillator – with that you can use Rytmik Ultimate as a sonically unique chiptune synthesizer.
Rytmik Ultimate Complete comes with a sound library of more than 1230 instruments containing the libraries of the previous Rytmik series (Rytmik, Retrobits, Hip-hop King and World Music) and adding a brand new set of samples ranging from deep dubstep kicks and basses to cutting synth leads and special effects.
Rytmik Ultimate Complete with Rytmik Cloud will, of course, include more features and additions to the popular series to enrich your experience with playing with sounds and creating music on the go.

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