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  1. Skullgirls Robo Fortune Quotes
  2. Skullgirls Robo Fortune Quotes
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Skullgirls 2nd Encore+

Lab Zero


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Robo-Fortune grabs her opponent and lays on her back before her hands and legs separate from her body and hover into the air using rocket boosters, still holding the opponent. Then, her stumps each fire a laser, creating one huge laser. The opponent flies upward before falling back onto the ground. This page was last modified on 24 September 2020, at 00:16. This page has been accessed 42,682 times. Privacy policy; About Shoryuken Wiki! The quote 'Robo-Fortune stupid name' is a reference to the 1986 movie Short Circuit, where wisecracking robot Number 5 says 'Number 5 stupid name. Want to be Kevin or Dave!' 'Feline, after all.' Is a reference to the album and its title tune Human After All by Daft Punk. Robo-Fortune is a ranged harasser and zoning character, keeping her opponents away from her while still maintaining her offensive potency. Robo-Fortune has many ranged attacks which allows her to sustain a barrage of projectiles while keeping a safe distance from counterattacks, allowing her to avoid retaliation.

Skullgirls Robo Fortune Quotes

Skullgirls Mobile Forums. Instantly detonate and inflict 50% bonus damage for each stack of ARMOR applied to Robo-Fortune. I almost put her below M-3ow, but she.

Skullgirls is a 2D tag team fighting game developed by Lab Zero. Since its initial release in 2012, six characters have been added alongside many patches. 2nd Encore+ is the subtitle of the latest major patch released in 2017. In 2020, there was a new patch with netcode improvements, as well as the announcement of a new character, Annie!

Skullgirls emphasizes using resets (intentionally dropping your combo to do a mixup) to maintain momentum after landing a hit. This means the action never stops since a reset point can occur at nearly any point in a combo. The strength of offense is brutal, but the set of universal defense mechanics and strong reversals provide options to turn the tables. There are also a plethora of ways to craft your team and gameplan.

  • Versus series style team game: Assists, DHCs, tags, snapbacks, recoverable health, lenient chain rules, and air blocking
  • Custom assist: Choose your assist from any grounded non-super move in a character's move set.
  • Variable team size: Both players choose their own team size of 1, 2, or 3 characters. The less characters, the more health you have and damage you deal, but with less utility provided by team mechanics.
  • Undizzy and IPS (Infinite Protection System): These mechanics set rules for how combos can be structured and for how long, effectively replacing the role of hitstun deterioration. If these rules are broken, the opponent is allowed to burst out of the combo. Working around the undizzy value, which can carry over between combos, to execute resets on the fly is a key skill at high level.

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore+
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Skullgirls Robo Fortune Quotes

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