Spiritfarer® - Digital Artbook

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Spiritfarer® - Digital Artbook

Spiritfarer 'could be one of the most heartwarming, cozy and enjoyable games set to come out this year.' 🤗 While there is a zen-like quality to going about the ship and assisting everyone in #Spiritfarer, the themes of death and acceptance also create something that feels more poignant and heartfelt. Spiritfarer By marrying metroidvania, management sim and a good dose of kindness, Spiritfarer manages to feel simultaneously familiar and refreshing. It's not in the game, but in the digital art book that comes with the collectors edition it goes into more details about all of the characters. Cisco cyber ops. Seriously, don't read on if you haven't finished the game. So, grown up Stella is/was an end-of-life nurse, helping the dying through their last few days.

A downloadable book

This artbook chronicles the artistic journey of Spiritfarer®Homeworld: desserts of kharak download free download. the cozy management game about dying, of our small team of artists and how we ended up making what became Thunder Lotus’ most ambitious game ever.

For us, Spiritfarer has been an act of love, sincerity and earnestness. From its smallest icons to its largest environments, everything in Spiritfarer has been drawn, animated and crafted with enormous care. We hope you enjoy the journey through these pages as much as we did!

Release date Aug 18, 2020
AuthorThunder Lotus
Made withAdobe Photoshop
Tags2D, Art Book, Colorful, Cozy, Hand-drawn
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksSteam, Homepage, Steam, Twitter, YouTube


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Spiritfarer Digital Artbook

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