The Terri, Dose, Kitty, And JW Collection Download

The Terri, Dose, Kitty, And JW Collection Download Average ratng: 3,6/5 841 votes

Legend tells of a mine shaft dug in 1982, that has since been long abandoned. In the mine's glory days, many came from far and near to gather the mine's priceless gems.

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The terri dose kitty and jw collection download free

The year is 2020. Dug, a university student with a slowly dropping GPA, fears he may have to retake classes, pushing back his graduation date by another year. Knowing he cannot afford another year of college, Dug becomes melancholy.

Dug remembers his father, Doug, telling him stories of the mysterious mine shaft in their hometown and its riches.

Fearful yet determined, Dug sets off towards the mine. Little does Dug know that the mine has changed a great deal in the past 38 years..

Hi! I'm Zeke and this is my submission for the Disc Room Jam. Special thanks to Terri, Dose, JW, and Kitty for doing this! I really enjoyed it! I've never finished a game before so this felt great!



Hero siege download. Zeke Holloman: programming, art, music

Jan Willem Nijman: programming (from game jam video)

doseone: sound design


Dig Dug by Bandai Namco

Steamworld Dig 1/2 by Image and Form Games

Spelunky by Mossmouth

TagsPixel Art, Roguelike
Average sessionA few minutes


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The Terri Dose Kitty And Jw Collection Download Free

Fun little game. I liked the dynamic of trying to get to the door while picking up gems. The increase in saws made feel nice and frantic. I wish the hitboxes were a little more forgiving, and that the game was a little more clear on what to do. The tutorial was just fine for the start of the game, but after picking up the bomb it dropped me in a room where I wasn't sure what to do. Got there a few times but never managed to leave.

The Terri Dose Kitty And Jw Collection Download Full

Hi there! Are you talking about the red and blue disc room? I tried to leave it a little puzzling as to what to do, but that may have been a little ambiguous. If you touch the blue disc, something happens. And if you touch the red disc, something happens. I'll just leave it at that.

The Terri Dose Kitty And Jw Collection Download Torrent

Glad you enjoyed it! And yeah..looking back I should have made the hitboxes smaller, but it's a learning process.

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