War For The Overworld - Heart Of Gold Expansion

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War for the Overworld is a dungeon management game with “a dark sense of humor” that has today released an all-new game mode with My Pet Dungeon.

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  1. 'The Heart of Gold' - Ikhor is the fourth mission in the Heart of Gold expansion. The capital dungeon, deep beneath Mount Phaestus. A fitting tomb for this land.
  2. Greetings minions. Join me in my Let's Play of: War For The Overworld, the heart of Gold expansion. Developed & Published by Subterranean Games/Bright Rock G.

This update is focused mainly on building and exploration. It brings a new eight-mission sandbox campaign where each level encourages you to build and discover to your heart’s content, all at a more relaxed pace than other modes.

Players score points through dungeon building, enemy slaying, and completing bonus objectives to progress to the next level. Enable God Mode, switch on wave spawning and drop in a few unsuspecting heroes and watch the chaos grow!

Here is a full list of what you can expect in the newest update:

  • Eight All-New Levels – Focused on exploration, discovery and dungeon building.
  • Unique Scoring System – Earn points by building the greatest dungeon in the Underworld; earn enough to unlock the next level.
  • Bonus Objectives – Complete special objectives to earn extra points, such as raising your minions’ Levels or slaying dozens of heroes – all at your own pace.
  • Room Unlock System – Rooms unlock over time, freeing your research up to focus on other Aspects.
  • The Toybox – A special room unique to My Pet Dungeon, allowing you to pick up and drop enemy units into your dungeon as though they were mere toys.
  • Wave Spawning – Spawn waves of enemy units to put your dungeon through its paces through new controls.
  • Three Unlockable Themes – Unlock the long-awaited Empire Dungeon Themes, newly refined to work as playable themes.
  • Winter Wonderland – Discover a new snowy terrain theme as your minions crunch through frozen underground caverns.
  • God Mode – Realize your omnipotence with the power to shape the very land, spawn in units and much more – all in real time.

Brightrock Games is also celebrating the game’s second anniversary by releasing the Anniversary Collection, a new Bundle on Steam. This includes the base game, Heart of Gold expansion, My Pet Dungeon expansion, the free Crucible expansion, and a host of additional content previously found only in the Underlord Edition.

War for the Overworld - Heart of Gold War for the Overworld’s first expansion, Heart of Gold continues where the story left off, with 4 earth-shattering new Campaign levels, a smattering of new defences, units and spells, and a gleaming new Dungeon Theme! House of the dead 2 free download.

In addition, the War for the Overworld base game is 75% off today ($7.50, €7.00, £5.75, 124.75₽) as part of Steam’s Daily Deal for Monday 3rd April. All other War for the Overworld products are heavily discounted:

War For The Overworld - Heart Of Gold Expansion Rings

  • War for the Overworld Underlord Edition (including extra Dungeon Theme, game soundtrack and The Dungeoneer’s Guide to the Underworld) – 75% off
  • War for the Overworld Heart of Gold expansion – 45% off
  • War for the Overworld My Pet Dungeon expansion – 5% off
War For The Overworld - Heart Of Gold Expansion

War For The Overworld Strategy

Rounding out this update, Patch 1.6 has also been released for the game. You can read through the full patch notes here.


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